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ui and ux design portfolio

My experience with user interface design is solid — 15 years in total. I have senior-level skills designing interfaces for the web, native mobile apps, and the desktop.

I have senior-level experience in UX design, having been a successful UX manager, lead designer on a UI/UX team, and chief designer for my own business. I know how to create an exceptional user experience that translates into a successful, desirable product.

Skill Years Skill Years
Web UI and UX Design 12 Mobile UI Design 6
Windows UI Design 15 Wireframes, Prototypes 14
Illustrator, Photoshop 11 Dreamweaver 11
Axure, Balsamiq 3 JavaScript, CSS, HTML 14

Additional Skills: jQuery, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe InDesign, and Visio.
Additional Strengths: Communication, Vision, and Leadership.

I would love to show you my most recent UI/UX design work (RegEd and LabCorp), but I don't feel right about posting it online for everyone to see — including competitors. There is a lot that I can show you, but it should be in a private setting.

Web UI & UX: 12 Years of Experience

Quick Facts: My Work at RegEd, Inc
Responsible for UI and UX of 18 SaaS business applications. Users are the largest insurance and financial services companies in the US.
The user interface combines dynamic HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Apps are developed using either Java or ASP.Net.
Design tasks consist of wireframes, mockups, storyboards, and prototypes. Work closely with individuals in every facet of the business.
I have also defined RegEd's UI, style, and usability guidelines, which are used by internal developers, offshore developers, QA, and product management.

I have spent the last 12 years conducting business on the web through ecommerce and web apps, so an excellent online user experience is something I take great pride in. I currently manage the User Interface for RegEd's suite of 18 SaaS business applications.

Key projects:

  • RegEd's 18 SaaS Apps: RegEd is a technology company serving the insurance and financial services industries through a comprehensive set of web applications. As their User Experience Manager, I am responsible for the UI and UX for every online and internal application.
    RegEd is the largest provider in their industry and most of my work deals with strategic releases and prototypes. Although I would love to share some examples of my work, I cannot do so for confidentiality reasons.
Quick Facts:
Quick 1,2,3 ordering process with tooltips and expandable help Easy to go back to previous ordering step; digital delivery is automatic
Attractive and encourages interaction Rotating customer testimonials
Excellent navigation Good use of color and typography
Site uses dynamic HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Perl, with MySQL on back-end


  • This is my biggest revenue-generating site and it gets a new look every two years to keep it fresh. The site's navigation is excellent and encourages interaction. Downloads are automated, along with the customer service interface.
    I recently redesigned the entire ordering process for It has a brand new interface with a simple three-step process. The user is given visual cues at each step to show their progress. The system also integrates with PayPal.
Quick Facts:
Attractive and engaging; users love it New design increased sales by 29%
Multi-level navigation menus Modern look using friendly colors
Contains embedded videos hosted on site (not YouTube) Creative, interactive interface for viewing user-stories
New improved ordering interface Night and day difference from old site
Site was designed in PHP, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery, with MySQL on back-end


  • I gave this site a complete makeover and increased sales by 29% during the recession. The new navigation uses javascript menus and jQuery. It is attractive and engaging, with expandable product details, tabs, fun videos, a FAQ page with expandable answers, and interactive user stories. also received a revamped ordering process. This site uses a third-party to handle orders, which I customized to ensure that the user experience was transparent, easy, and fast. I added expandable items, such as a money-back guarantee.

    Finally, the site also featured new logos, icons, and supporting graphics, all of which I designed as well.
Quick Facts:
Beautiful, bright colors User-centered design
Food charts for 40,000 foods 11 interactive health tools
Searchable interface Easy to use
Site was developed using PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery


  • This site brings in thousands of unique visitors every day through search engine queries for nutritional data. There are over 40,000 foods on the site with nutrition charts and food labels.
    The new version of is beautiful, bright, and friendly. It has a clean look with Javascript menus based on jQuery. Nutrition facts are made available through a search interface and there are 11 interactive health tools.

Mobile UI and UX: 8 Years of Experience

My experience taught me that interface design for mobile platforms has two major priorities: efficient use of screen real estate and a focus on simplicity — you must anticipate the user's next move, to reduce the number of times a user has to tap on the screen.

These challenges are the same, regardless of whether the app is for an iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile, etc. I designed applications for the Palm and Windows Mobile platforms over a five year period. As with any mobile app, the interface had to fit in with other apps on the device.

Quick Facts: Weight-By-Date Mobile
Simple interface that makes good use of screen space Application did a good job of anticipating the user's next move
User experience was very motivating Colors could be customized
Achieved major hurdles, such as easy installation and synchronization Separate design for Windows Mobile and Palm devices


  • Weight-By-Date Mobile: This application had separate versions for Palm and Windows Mobile. The user interface made good use of screen space for such a data-heavy application. It brought the essential data front-and-center and any supporting information was only a tap or two away.

    The application was also very easy to use and quite successful. Synchronization is what really set this application apart from the competitors. Weight-By-Date was the first nutrition application to master synchronization between the PC and device.


  • Weight-By-Date Mobile (iPhone Designs): Although the native iPhone version of Weight-By-Date Mobile has yet to be released, I can share a wireframe and mockup for the application.
    The application will retain the familiar features of the previous mobile versions, including the calendar-style opening screen that existing users have come to appreciate.
    The Food Diary (pictured at right) gets a few improvements, thanks to the fantastic iPhone GUI. Compared the the previous mobile versions, the iPhone design reduces taps and makes the application even easier to use.
    The iPhone will be able to synchronize with the web version of Weight-By-Date, which is also under development.
    An Android version of this application is also planned. The design will of course take on the look-and-feel of a native Android app.

Windows UI and UX: 15 Years of Experience

Quick Facts: Weight-By-Date for Windows
Professional product with excellent visual design and color themes Back-end is a relational database with 30+ tables and 42,000 records
Custom-designed calendar interface allows direct editing Contains a search feature which finds foods as you type
Anticipates the user's needs Consistent, intuitive interface
User feels like they are in the driver's seat at all times Progress charts help make the experience engaging and fun


I have designed numerous applications for the Windows platform to meet the needs of both business and consumers. Here are three examples:

  • Weight-By-Date for Windows: This is a consumer-based application in the health and fitness industry. It has a complex, rich feature set that is also user-friendly, something that is not always easy to achieve. This application has over 25,000 paid users and I am the sole designer.
    The application does a good job of anticipating the user's needs. The food diary contains a search feature that finds foods as you type, which is a significant achievement considering that there are over 40,000 foods, 850 brands, and 130 restaurants.
Quick Facts: Syrus Information System
Extremely good at focusing on productivity for the user Cliient/server app with SQL Server and over 1 million records
Clear navigation with lots of feedback Easy to use; small learning curve
30+ concurrent users and labor cost was directly affected by the app My design set the foundation for the entire business
Still in use today (14 years later) Excelled at automating daily tasks


  • Syrus Information System: This is an enterprise-class, client/server application supporting a business of 30+ employees who use the application daily. Labor cost was directly affected by the use of the program — the better it was, the less employees were needed. For this reason, it was imperative that the interface be efficient, user-friendly, and focused on the user's productivity.
    Originally, I was the sole creator of this application, which I designed as a computer consultant. The application was so good that I was hired to manage the company's IT department and oversee future developments. I became VP within 2 years.
    Syrus is a privately held company and unfortunately I cannot share examples of the application online. Jim Karam, the company's president, is one of my references and he will be happy to verify my accomplishments.
Quick Facts: Syrus Reporting System
Very user-friendly; used by clients who had little to no computer skills Interfaced with remote servers to download report data
Attractive, clean interface One-click access to reports
Critical app that represented the face of the company to many clients Included built-in troubleshooting features to simplify support


  • Syrus Reporting System: This application was used by clients to download and view their reports. Because many of the users were essentially computer-novices, everything about the user experience had to be extremely user-friendly with almost no learning curve.
    The application was used to dial-in to the Syrus servers, download report data, and then and import it into the local database. The interface was mostly point-and-click, allowing users to select reports via several options. To reduce support, it contained a built-in troubleshooting feature that scanned the local system for problems.
  • Other PC applications designed: Weight-By-Date Basic for Windows, Gift Assist for Windows, DiabeteSense for Windows, Syrus Barcode Scanning and Automated Ordering System, and an in-house customer management application.
  • Other Clients: I've also designed in-house solutions for Cedar Enterprises, Navistar International, Wasserman Uniforms, Recreation Unlimited, Charles Penzone, Retrobox, Microman, and OCIA International.